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    Top ten things to do in Montanita

    Montanita is an iconic little beach town with a load of good restaurant's, clubs, and adrenaline activities to keep you going for a week, a month, a.... We’ve put together a list of some of Montanita's best for you to enjoy.

    1. Surf it up!
      Montañita has a world famous surf break and there are plenty of surf breaks to try up and down the surrounding coastline. Watching some of the pro’s skills is jaw-dropping but the real fun is having a go yourself! There are stretches of beach suitable for all levels from beginners to pros. It can be tricky to start but once you get the hang of it, it’s exhilarating- not to mention looking so cool! Learn more
    2. Learn Spanish
      Travelling is not only easier but is much more fulfilling when you can speak some Spanish and interact with the locals. Ecuador is an ideal country to learn Spanish in as the accent is clear and people speak quite slowly. In Montañita we’re lucky to have a Top 5 Worldwide Spanish School. Learn more
    3. Dance Fuego!
      Let out your Latin spirit! Everyone can join in with the Latin beat coming each night from all over town. Locals are always encouraging but if you want to really get into it (or just get over nerves!) Try lessons
    4. Cocktail Alley
      Chill out chatting with new friends and practise your Spanish in the lively Cocktail Alley where you can sip cheap and strong cocktails made to order from fresh fruit and rums and join in or watch salsa in the street. It is the place to meet EVERYONE
    5. Diving/snorkelling
      There are great coral diving and snorkelling sites nearby with colourful fishes, rays and turtles. A well established dive centre with excellent instructors provides dive courses and fun dives, and rent equipment. Learn More
    6. Cabanas activities
      Never be bored in Montañita! There is often something going on at the Cabanas and Guests are welcome to join in. Check it out
    7. Canopy walk
      Thrill seekers should check this one out. A canopy walk with zip lines high in jungle trees. Of course it doesn’t count unless you also try it hanging upside down or doing “the superman”! Best of all it is just up the road from the Cabañas and if you feel like some exercise it is only a 20 minute walk.
    8. Ladies night
      The most famous night out in Montañita. A favourite for tourists and many locals who come especially from as far away as Guayaquil. Hola Ola bar/club hosts ladies night every Thursday with a cover charge to get in and then free drinks until midnight! It’s always a big one.
    9. Visit nearby towns
      The nearby towns up and down the coast are rather sleepy but they have some quiet and lovely beaches, tasty seafood restaurants and some other fun tourist activities to do, such as Valdivia which has a museum with old cultural exhibits and the only aquarium in Ecuador. Las Tunas and Ayampe are chilled out little beach communities with great waves.
    10. Whale watching
      From June until October Humpback whales pass by the coast of Ecuador putting on incredible jumping displays for their mating season. It is an amazing sight!